VESPA RANGE Vespa Elettrica

After the success of online pre-booking, vespa elettrica arrives on the market.

Customisable, silent and connected, technology has never been so cool. all the values of vespa come together in Vespa Elettrica.

100 km range that can reach almost 200 km in the x version.

It is not a new electric scooter, it is Vespa Elettrica, it is a work of art with a technological heart that is born as the symbol of our modern times and the years to come.

Vespa Elettrica is the most modern icon of Italian technology, it is synonymous with advanced connectivity and silent operation, customisation and accessibility, respect for the environment and unique style. These are values that have always belonged to Vespa and which now, in Vespa Elettrica, have been fully accomplished, confirming Vespa as the brand that has always been ahead of its times with respect to its market.

Vespa Elettrica, which is characterised by its easy ride, or rather, its natural ride, takes shape as the highest expression of Piaggio Group research in the electric mobility area to meet the needs of a growing environmental sensitivity, with the goal of providing technological solutions for an increasingly sustainable and liveable urban habitat.


Available versions

Vespa Elettrica
Vespa Elettrica X

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