EICMA 2019 marks the start of a new era for Aprilia. The first born in this brand-new generation of Aprilia bikes is RS 660.

Aprilia RS 660 is a response to the needs of new generations of motorcyclists, who seek fun, fulfilling, easy to ride bikes that can excite on the road just as they can during the occasional track outing. The bike gives new meaning to the sports concept, aiming for an excellent weight/power ratio able to generate excitement that is accessible to all.

For the first time in this category, a new bike offers a premium design and technical content deriving from Aprilia's experience in top level competition at the service of enjoyment on the road combined with the brilliant performance of the 660 cc twin, capable of delivering 100 HP.

The RS 660 flaunts a wonderful new lightweight structure comprising the frame and swingarm, both in aluminium, with characteristics that are truly unique for the category. Another unique Aprilia RS 660 characteristic lies in its electronic systems, designed to ensure performance and safety, the most complete range of equipment currently available in the category, exceeding even that of certain top-of-line superbikes. Aprilia RS 660 adopts advanced multimap Cornering ABS, to guarantee maximum safety on the road, without sacrificing its sports performance.

Aprilia RS 660 is presented in two graphic versions, the first clearly dominated by colours that represent the history and sports heritage of Aprilia. The pairing of purple and red is a tribute to the RS 250 in its 1994 Reggiani Replica version, the last real sportbike of the two-stroke era, still beloved by motorcyclists and highly sought after by collectors.  The second graphic version stands out for its total black look, also very much a part of Aprilia sports history, and on which the numerous bright red details make a real impact.