With its elegant and refined line, the Vespa GTS is an exclusive vehicle, unique in today’s competitive scenario. Vespa style and elegance shine out in a range of colors and unique stylistic solutions, such as the original positioning of the parking light on the grill. GTS is also available in the Touring Special Series.

Vespa expresses it most dynamic spirit with the GTS Super, a vehicle in which the Vespa design is enhanced with sporting features like the grill that claws across the right hand side, the new black finish rims, the special hake friezes grill, the analog and digital instrumentation (back-lit red), the frisky 125 cc engine and the powerful 300 cc, the highest performing engine ever mounted on a Vespa.  GTS Super is also available in the SuperSport Series.

New Special Series 2018:

Vespa GTS  Yacht Club
The unique Vespa look blends with the finesse that is typical of the world of sailing. Vespa GTS Yacht Club skilfully pair an elegant white outfit with numerous blue details. A motif that continues with the saddle, which uses stripes for the first time ever.

Vespa GTS Super Notte
The elegant and exclusive Vespa Notte stands out for its total black look. 
The Vespa Notte special series is dedicated to those who the love attention to detail and meticulous finish of high quality products that are a pleasure to own and show off. 


Available versions

Vespa GTS
Vespa GTS Touring
Vespa GTS  Yacht Club
Vespa GTS Sport
Vespa GTS SuperSport
Vespa GTS Super Notte